Welcome to Elocoat


Elocoat is called extrusion coating plant and provides the raw material, namely coated paperboard for the packaging of Elopak. Elocoat is part of the Elopak Group and established in 1983 after the production started in 1984. Every year we produce more than 160,000 tons of coated board. The coating group includes factories in the Netherlands, Denmark, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. In Elocoat in Terneuzen currently work 110 employees.

The headquarters of the Elopak Group is headquartered in Norway and is part of the Norwegian group FERD. The Elopak Group manufactures complete packaging systems; thereby could include filling, packaging and distribution systems. The packages produced by Elopak sold in more than 100 countries and through 40 sales offices around the world. Elopak Group annually produces approximately 12 billion packs of various sizes and formats and employs about 3,000 people.

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